Superintendent Goals 2019-20

Castle Rock School District 

Superintendent Goals


The Superintendent will:

  • Advocate for student learning to be the district’s highest priority while keeping a close watch of the financial impacts of all of our decisions.

  • Ensure that district policy, practices, and resources support learning for all students.

  • Ensure that district procedures and practices promote a climate that is positive, friendly, and responsive to the needs of all individuals.

  • Focuses evaluation and professional development on the improvement of student learning. 

  • Implements effective procedures for staff evaluations.

  • Develop two-way communication strategies to reach families, and other individuals, agencies, or groups in the community.

  • Engage board and community in planning, conducting, and building community understanding of levy and bond measures.

  • Respects and advocates mutual understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the superintendent and board relationship.

  • Effectively manages fiscal resources in accord with board priorities and instructional improvements.