Vaccine Roadmap

Covid-19 Vaccination Roadmap

On your journey to get your free vaccine for COVID-19, the ways to sign up for an appointment are all over the map. These are some options to help guide you when it's your turn.

Vaccine Roadmap


Check Eligibility

To find out if you’re currently eligible, visit:

(This site just tells you if you are eligible. You must make an appointment elsewhere.)

Check with Local Health Organizations

Your county health department and local healthcare providers may have information about local vaccination efforts.

Check the State Website

(Oregon residents, visit: - for Southern WA


Can’t Get an Appointment?

Be patient and keep trying! The amount of vaccine is limited, but more is being made, and you will get your turn.

Woo-hoo! You Received Your First Dose!

Follow the directions given by your vaccine administrator for your second dose, and be sure to show up for that appointment.

Remember, while the vaccine protects those who are vaccinated, we don't know yet if it limits transmission to others. Even after receiving both vaccine doses, continue preventive measures, like wearing a mask and physical distancing.