Superintendent GreeneA Note from the Desk of Superintendent Greene

Notes for February 2nd- February 8th


  • Monday, we had our monthly meeting with the teacher’s union.  Like I have said before, I enjoy working with the union. You can really tell that they are working with us to make the education process better for every student.

  • Tuesday, I had the opportunity to go to Ryderwood with our students.  One of the biggest things that I miss from being the high school principal, is watching our students do a wonderful job, both at Ryderwood and our Castle Rock Senior centers.  It makes me so proud to watch our students be leaders in the community.

  • Wednesday, we had our coffee with the superintendent.  The number of people that are coming to these events has gone down, but the people that are coming, have great questions and are willing to engage in some rich conversations about the direction of Castle Rock School District.  

  • Thursday, I started my goal of having every 2nd grade student read to me.  When we go over our strategic plan, we always talk about the direct tie between the reading level of students in the third grade being an indicator of if they are going to struggle in high school.  I read with 5 boys from Mrs. Smith’s class and they did wonderful. Great readers and they were great at paying attention and answering my questions about the book that we read.

  •  Friday and Saturday, I was at my Superintendent classes through Washington State University (Go Cougs).  I have two more months to go and I will be finished with this two year commitment. I have loved working with other administrators from around the state, but I am looking forward to not having these classes every month.      

Things that we are working on:

Capital plan:  We have met with all of the principal and have got their input on the capital projects at every school, including Vader.  We are working on dividing the projects into workable chucks to accomplish the projects with the 5 year plan. I will have this done for the board to look at by the end of February.    

Bond/Levy Update:  Our election is final on Tuesday the 11th.  We are meeting with our CFAC group and our key communicators on the 19th to plan for the new schools or to go back to the drawing board to see where we go next.  

We have a ROCK SOLID educational system, surrounded by a ROCK SOLID community.  Great work by all!!!!!