SBAC Training and Practice Tests
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Digital Passport
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Have fun learning to be a safe and
respectful member of the online world.

Google Apps

Gmail Communicate with teachers and other students in Atascadero Unified.


Google Search Search for information and images.

iDrive Store all your files and create new Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and more.


Calendar Keep track of all your important events and assignments. Create and share group calendars for projects.

Drawings Create labeled drawings. Use images from the web, screenshots, or pictures.


Docs Create word-processed documents that include pictures, Drawings, and links. Collaborate on documents with other students and get feedback from your teacher.

Forms Create surveys.

Sheets Create spreadsheets, charts, and graphs. Collaborate with others.

Classroom Join and participate in an online classroom created by your teacher.

Slides Create slideshow presentations.

Locating, Organizing, Publishing Information


Write stories and create books with intriguing pictures.

Little Bird Tales

Draw your own pictures, then write a story. Record your voice or sounds to go with the story.

e-Learning for Kids

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Learn to type and have fun!


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Need help spelling a word?



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Build your reading skills and comprehension reading non-fiction news customized to your reading level.

Smithsonian Jr.

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Develop comprehension reading non-fiction news customized to your reading level.